A New India By 2020!

India 2020

Who is Sharma Uncle?
An Indian Citizen.
Year 2000:
What do you think about Governance in India?
Sharma Uncle: Governance in India?? Hahah!! Corrupt, unethical, disorderly, citizen-unfriendly, biased, carless, and lethargic.

Sharma uncle says: I had to apply for address change in my passport. When I reached the passport office, it took about 30-40 minutes to locate room number 10. There was a very long queue, which did not seem to end, even after 3 hours. Then suddenly I remembered Gupta sir who used to work here. After 2 hours of calling, I got connected with him. He recommended me to meet Hussain bhai. I gifted him Rs. 200 and finally reached my destination room no. 10. After some minutes of not here, go there, not here, that side, I met the concerned officer. She didn’t even let me finish my sentence and said, ‘submit and leave’. I wanted to know whether my documents were right, or they needed some other documents. She sneered at me and said that she was busy right now and I should come next week. How humiliating?!

Do you think this can be made better?
Sharma uncle: never! It’s impossible!

Year 2015
What do you think about governance in India now?
Sharma uncle: it’s getting better!

I had to get my address changed in my passport. I got registered with the official passport website. There I could check all the documents which are required. I uploaded the documents, and submitted an online application. I also checked the availability of appointment in passport seva Kendra in my city and fixed an appointment with them. Also, I could track my application status, from time to time. And on the day of my appointment, at the Seva Kendra, there were officials and sign boards which provided me clear instructions. I got my address changed without any hassles.

Do you know about Digital India?
Sharma uncle: I have heard about it, but not sure what exactly it is.

Year 2020
What do you think about the governance in India, Now?
Sharma uncle: User-friendly, versatile, quick, well-structured, systematic.
Sharma uncle: I had got a change done in my address. I updated it with tall the supporting documents in my unique digital account. All my government issued ID’s such as passport, voter ID, driving license, got the updated address instantly.

How did that happen?
Sharma uncle: you don’t know? Of course! Through Digital India

As citizens of this country, many of us would have gone through the hardships of Indian governance, similar to Sharma uncle, a few years ago. Over the years, we all have complained and cursed our government by calling it disordered and corrupt. However, now gone are those days of kilometre long queue, giving rupees as gifts, and the hassled office directions.
The initiative of Digital India taken by the government is to provide all government services and related information accessible to the citizens by the means of technology.

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