A Programme To Transform India Into A Digitally Empowered Society & Knowledge Flowing Economy

Digital Empowerment

Did you ever imagine a smartphone in the hand of every Indian? Availability of internet everywhere; be it urban cities or rural villages? Or availability of both the government and non-government services in electronic form?

Even though many of us would answer these questions in “NO”, however it looks a distant reality today. Government’s ambitious programme #DigitalIndia is on the road towards success, and India will take a leap step in advancement.

In simple words, the core and basic idea of #DigitalIndia, is the transformation of the country into a digitally powerful society and a knowledge-based economy, wherein everybody will be well connected digitally and all the information will be available online.

India has been already recognized as a well-known force in the field of information technology (IT), producing thousands of IT experts every year, which play a vital role in determining the growth and success stories of the leading corporate giants around the world. This skill and expertise in IT can also be used and incorporated for delivering both government and non-government services to the people, allowing easy interactions with several departments in the government. When putting this, it is known as E-governance.

Implementing this E-Governance structure is not an easy task given the vastness and diversity of India. However, if this automation program by the government using Information Technology becomes successful, it would prove to be the first step towards making India digitally advanced and, ultimately a step towards achieving the dream of #DigitalIndia.

#DigitalIndia is a dream for a digitized India, for which we are all heading for and I hope the future is something like the picture shown below, where everyone will be digitally connected and happy with each other!

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