Facebook and Google Won’t Let Fake News Sites Use Their Ad Networks


The changes still don’t stop the companies from enabling the spread of misinformation. It just got harder for fake-news websites to make money from ads. Within hours of each other on Monday evening, Facebook and Google both announced that sites that intentionally deceive or mislead visitors won’t be allowed to use the internet giants’ advertising

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Kaali-peeli taxis could hitch a ride with app cabs


City taxis, popularly known as ‘kaali-peeli’ taxis, which are struggling to survive since the entry of app-based aggregators like Uber and Ola, may get a fresh lifeline. Such commercial passenger vehicles are likely to be allowed to attach with aggregators and run like any other ride-hailing service. At present, kaali-peeli (black and yellow) taxis are

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Indian Startups aim to build the industry with necessary talent, education, innovative ideas and practices. Various Indian startup stories got started through Digital Media which help in brand visibility. Indian government has played a vital role in starting various startup schemes for women and new entrepreneurs. Within the last decade, India has gone above from

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