Skill-Building Is Key To Turning Into A Digital Economy

Digital India Skill Building

Today the digital technologies have become the foundation of innovation, disruption and widespread transformations happening globally, while at the same time it is drastically changing the social, economic and business landscapes across the globe. There is no doubt that, technology will continue to shape and redesign the world and will be the cause of what

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12 Projects You Should Know About Under The Digital India Initiative

Digital India Initiative

To increase the digital connectivity and to make governance more transparent, Digital India initiative has launched some amazing projects. Here are 12 of them: Digi Locker – This service was launched as one of the most important facility for storing crucial documents like Pan Card, Voter Id, Driving License, BPL Card, education certificates, etc. in

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A Programme To Transform India Into A Digitally Empowered Society & Knowledge Flowing Economy

Digital Empowerment

Did you ever imagine a smartphone in the hand of every Indian? Availability of internet everywhere; be it urban cities or rural villages? Or availability of both the government and non-government services in electronic form? Even though many of us would answer these questions in “NO”, however it looks a distant reality today. Government’s ambitious

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A New India By 2020!

India 2020

Who is Sharma Uncle? An Indian Citizen. Year 2000: What do you think about Governance in India? Sharma Uncle: Governance in India?? Hahah!! Corrupt, unethical, disorderly, citizen-unfriendly, biased, carless, and lethargic. Why? Sharma uncle says: I had to apply for address change in my passport. When I reached the passport office, it took about 30-40

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On The Path Of Making Digital India Through Technology And Innovation


The dream of #Digital India is something that can be achieved only when technology does a hand shake not only with rich people, but also with the lower and middle class people. Today almost 50% of the people in India don’t have access to internet. And most of them don’t even have the skills required

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India’s E-Governance Dream With Digital India

Digital-India E-Governance

India is a vast and developing country. It has one of the largest and the fastest growing urban population in the world. India is a country which has neither looked back nor slowed down its urge to become a DEVELOPED Country. There are many aspects for becoming a developed country. One of the major and

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Social media is considered to be the most influencing part of digital marketing, as it helps in business recognition and growth. Social media has now become an integral part of every business/ brand, as it reaches out to larger audience and is a source of influencing people. In the today’s era of digital marketing, social

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Marketing is considered to be an effective key to success for every business and with the tremendous growth digital marketing has become the success mantra of small and large scale enterprises. Digital Marketing is a systematic and planned platform that works according to well laid principles of planning and management. When digital marketing dominated itself

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