UberEATS, ZOMATO Race To Gobble Up Food Delivery Startup Runnr


UberEATS, marking its entry into the Indian market this month, is now aggressively moving forward to consolidate its position amidst fierce competition. Zomato is banking on its brand name and consumer trust. Zomato has been aggressively working to reach the threshold level needed to monetise each of its operations

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What the Arrival of 5G means to Everyone ?

5G Revolution

Some carriers have jumped the gun, claiming they already offer 5G. This is a blatant lie. It’s actually only a faster and better version of current 4G LTE technologies. The advertising lies got so bad that the U.N. had to step in. For every “G”, the mobile world (manufacturers, carriers, tower operators, etc.) have to

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Odisha State Government Launches Web Portal For Startups


In line with PM Narendra Modi’s ‘Startup India, Standup India’ initiative, several states have launched their Startup Policy in the last two years. Odisha is the new rising star among these governments. Afterannouncing its startup policy in August 2016, the government has now launched a web portal for startups. the portal aims at “promoting ease

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Imported mobile phones In India to get costlier as govt looks to impose 5-10% customs duty

Imported mobile phones In India to get costlier as govt looks to impose 5-10% customs duty

He proposed customs duty may be implemented on imported phones after the roll-out of GST In a bid to boost its Make In India initiative, the Indian government may be looking to impose an additional 5-10% customs duty on imported mobile phones, reports The Economic Times. This will essentially drive up the cost of imported

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No content strategy is an island

DI 10

As we’re (hopefully) all aware by now, content strategy is the foundation of content marketing. But content strategy requires its own foundational elements, too. Without them, that strategy is very, very difficult to architect. Creating a content strategy obviously must precede content marketing, but your brand must have some marketing fundamentals in place to enable that

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How to avoid co-founder disputes in a startup

DI 6

Before writing this article, I spoke with three lawyers who specialize in consulting startups. All of them had a common observation — the majority of co-founders that they meet do not sign legal agreements between them at the time of starting their venture. Co-founders either feel that they have been friends for long enough to

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Why entrepreneurs fail? (even when they have good ideas)

DI 2

If I could get a dollar for every idea then there would be no need for me to be an entrepreneur. The point is, an idea in itself has no monetary value. The money becomes real when you perfectly execute it. This requires skill, hard work, patience, networking, leadership and a lot of other things

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Videos Are Effective Way of Communication in Digital Era

DI 1

With the digital age in its full bloom, the world has become smaller than it ever was. There are multiple innovative ways of communication that are faster, cheaper and much more intimate. A message can be spread across to a billion plus people in the blink of an eye and you can get a feedback

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Is India ready to be the AI Capital ?

1536623_s (1)

In a country of 1.32 billion people where 48.26 million are unemployed , any kind of automation till recently , was unwelcome .With the government , taking a strong stance on digital technologies , a floodgate of investments seem to have opened up.  AI is the latest muse for investors , large corporates and fintechs

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Skill-Building Is Key To Turning Into A Digital Economy

Digital India Skill Building

Today the digital technologies have become the foundation of innovation, disruption and widespread transformations happening globally, while at the same time it is drastically changing the social, economic and business landscapes across the globe. There is no doubt that, technology will continue to shape and redesign the world and will be the cause of what

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