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WannaCRY Ransomware Facts

Biggest Global Cyber Attack Ever-

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UberEATS, ZOMATO Race To Gobble Up Food Delivery Startup Runnr


UberEATS, marking its entry into the Indian market this month, is now aggressively moving forward to consolidate its position amidst fierce competition. Zomato is banking on its brand name and consumer trust. Zomato has been aggressively working to reach the threshold level needed to monetise each of its operations

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What the Arrival of 5G means to Everyone ?

5G Revolution

Some carriers have jumped the gun, claiming they already offer 5G. This is a blatant lie. It’s actually only a faster and better version of current 4G LTE technologies. The advertising lies got so bad that the U.N. had to step in. For every “G”, the mobile world (manufacturers, carriers, tower operators, etc.) have to

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The 5 Rules of Marketing Differently

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When creating marketing content, it’s easy for businesses to focus on the features and benefits they have to sell to their customers. Much of the marketing we see today has the same message: industry-leading, UK’s largest, we specialise in… the list continues. These messages get lost in the broader marketplace, as customers become so accustomed

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The Content Funnel: Targeting Customers with the Right Content at the Right Time

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The Content Marketing Institute recently revealed that – despite more than three quarters (76%) of B2C marketers reporting that they have implemented a content marketing strategy- less than half of marketers (36%) said their content strategy was effective in achieving their goals. Unsurprisingly, the story was no different for B2B marketers. Considering successful content marketing strategies are

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Videos Are Effective Way of Communication in Digital Era

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With the digital age in its full bloom, the world has become smaller than it ever was. There are multiple innovative ways of communication that are faster, cheaper and much more intimate. A message can be spread across to a billion plus people in the blink of an eye and you can get a feedback

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Snapchat makes it possible to search for Stories by keywords


The change should make it easier for people to discover more content on Snapchat, perhaps leading to more time spent in the app. Want to find Stories about particular places or topics being shared on Snapchat? The company has announced a new search feature that it says will make this possible. In a post today,

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Bad digital experiences can cost brands dearly


Is it the quality of the product or having a positive customer experience that creates brand loyalty? For 76% of customers, how they are treated by brands is as important as what is actually being sold, according to a study commissioned by Lithium Technologies. The survey of 1,000 adults found that creating this kind of

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Three mobile trends to watch in 2017


This year’s Mobile World Congress was arguably less packed with announcements than previous years – but this doesn’t mean mobile is losing its crown in the eyes of marketers. According to the IAB’s digital ad spend report, mobile display grew 56% in H1 2016 and now accounts for over half of digital display advertising, and

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Top 5 SMS security tips for protecting your customer data during mobile marketing

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There are many reasons why your business should consider implementing SMS marketing into your overall marketing strategy: It’s budget-friendly – you can send messages from 1.9p per message It hits the mark – over 97% of text messages are read within the first four minutes It gets your customers to act – 19% of people

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