Facebook Ads See Strong Engagement in India and Southeast Asia


Data documenting Facebook ad performance in Asia-Pacific sheds light into the key markets helping drive the company’s fortunes in the region. According to research from advertising automation firm Nanigans, India and the countries of Southeast Asia delivered some of the strongest results.

In India, Nanigans reported a Facebook ad clickthrough rate (CTR) of 2.1%, higher than any other market in Asia-Pacific, while also noting India’s Facebook advertisers paid the second-lowest cost per click (CPC) at $0.12, and the second-lowest cost per thousand (CPM) at $2.54.

Meanwhile in the countries of Southeast Asia, which includes Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, Facebook CTRs were slightly lower at 1.5%, ranking as the second-best in Asia-Pacific in the period studied. CPCs came in at just $0.11, while CPM rates were $1.61.

When comparing these performances against Nanigans’ metrics for the Asia-Pacific region as a whole, Facebook ads had an average CTR of 1.3%, a CPC of 0.27 cents and a CPM of $3.46.

 The strong performance among Facebook advertisers in India and Southeast Asia helped propel the company’s ad revenues in the region to new heights in Q4 2015. Based on Facebook’s own Q4 2015 earnings data, the company earned $832 million from Asia-Pacific advertisers, placing the region in third place behind North America and Europe.

Source: http://www.emarketer.com

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