How These Young Kids Are Embracing Technology To ‘Develop’ A Better Society


Meet this 8-year-old gaming developer, who recently met Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and impressed him with his ideas about balancing economic growth and environmental sustainability.

Nadella met Mumbai-based Medansh Mehta during his meeting with student developers in India. It was there that the 8-year-old spoke to him about his own gaming app called ‘Let There Be Light’.

The Microsoft CEO was so impressed by the kid that he even mentioned him in his keynote speech. “The game has the sensibility that all of us need,” told Nadella to Medansh.

The game is based on the concept of building factories and farms to increase the prosperity of the city. Sounds like a perfect balance!

The world is not short of such tech savvy kids!

8-year-old CEO addresses a cyber security conference

This 8-year-old Indian-origin boy addressed a cyber security conference, where even  Minister of State for External Affairs, V K Singh was listed as a keynote speaker.

The US-based Reuben Paul spoke about the need for developing the current generation with cyber security skills.

“I started learning about computer languages around one- and-a-half years back. Now I design my own projects,” Reuben told PTI.


Reuben was born and raised in Odisha, before moving to the United States in 2000. He has been trained by his father in Object C programming language and is now learning Swift programming for Apple’s iOS platform.

Reuben started his own gaming firm called Prudent Games and is the CEO of the company.

An app to battle the daily challenges of Dharavi

In Asia’s second biggest slum, Dharavi located in Mumbai, Roshani, Ansuja, Sapna and Nahek learned to create a mobile app that will help the slum dwellers battle the daily challenges.

From safety to garbage, the app will ensure that the lives of people living in Dharavi becomes easier. The app will allow the users to send a distress call if a woman is being harassed or a message to civic authorities when garbage needs clearing, or to receive an alert when it’s their turn at the communal water tap.

India is one of the world’s largest software service exporters. And these kids are definitely embracing technology in the right way!


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