HP Sprocket 100 Review: A Pocket-Sized Photo Printer


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HP Sprocket 100 pocket-sized photo printer. The smartphone could well have been the best thing to have happened to photography maybe not so for camera companies. While photography initially did not have a presence without touch and feel digital photography pretty much killed the printed photograph.

The HP Sprocket wants to be the answer to this dilemma it’s a little black box that you could, in theory, slip into your handbag or your pocket for easily accessible printing directly from your smartphone. For iPad Pros, Apple has the Smart Keyboard for $229 which is very nice to type on.

It’s slim and uses the Smart Connector to hook up with the tablet so the keyboard case doesn’t need batteries or charging which is great. The Smart Keyboard folding stand only offers one angle to lean the iPad at though, and as it doesn’t hold the tablet securely, it’s difficult to use on your lap for instance.

The HP Sprocket 100 comes with 10 sheets of HP Zink paper in the box and you just need to load this set into the device to start printing. For those who want to keep the photos for their trophy effect, this might be a big dampener. Given the price, I think HP has to improve the results to get people to pick this printer up.

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