In Three Years, Analytics and Big Data Skills Will Be Most in Demand


Digital expertise in security, as well as website and mobile development, were most in demand for executives in the US and Europe during Q4 2015, according to research. Within a few years, competency in analytics and big data will be a more crucial skill needed.

The Economist Intelligence Unit and Cognizant surveyed 422 European and US executives about the top digital skills in demand across a variety of industries, including financial services, healthcare, retail and manufacturing. At the close of 2015, nearly half (42%) of respondents said digital expertise in security, as well as website and mobile development, were most in demand in the US and Europe. Digital marketing was another top digital expertise, 41% of respondents in Q4 2015 said it was.

In three years, however, digital competencies like analytics will be more important. For example, 43% of executives in Europe and the US said that analytics and big data will be the most important digital competencies at their company. Other digital competencies, such as digital strategy and smart product development are also expected to be more important in three years than they currently are. Some US companies may already be playing catch up to these skill areas. In a separate survey from Black Ink ROI, nearly half of marketing managers in the US said the top challenge to reach key goals at the end of 2015 was lack of access to more advanced analytics and insight to make smarter decisions.

Most Important Digital Competencies* According to Executives in Europe and the US, Currently vs. in 3 Years, Q4 2015 (% of respondents)



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