Myntra’s U-Turn: E-Commerce Back to the Basics


In May last year, e-tailing firm Myntra had announced that it was winding up its website and moving all its operations to its mobile app. Twelve months down the line, the Flipkart-owned company has decided to end its app-only experiment and relaunch its desktop website operations from June 1. The move has potential ramifications for the country’s nascent e-commerce sector, especially since this experiment was being closely monitored by peers as a validation of whether the app-only strategy heralds the future for a sector where a majority of consumer transactions were happening over the mobile phone.

Thanks to high traffic on mobile, app-only model was considered the future, something that Myntra had cited as a reason for the switch in May last year. Myntra had justified the move by saying that over 70 per cent of their traffic is driven by smartphones and mobile users and that having an app-only model would help them in providing personalised shopping experiences to its users. Despite continued high-mobile traffic, what made the e-tailing major to rollback its decision in less than a year?

“The customer journeys in recent years have been evolving to take advantage of new technologies. While mobile apps are at the nucleus of overall customer experience, significant traffic to leading e-commerce websites is still driven by desktop browsers. In a market driven by consumers” buying behaviour, app-only strategy is likely to impact e-commerce organisations by having a narrower sales-funnel to start with. It is generally not an ‘either or’ decision,” said Ashvin Vellody, partner, e- commerce & startups, KPMG.


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