On The Path Of Making Digital India Through Technology And Innovation


The dream of #Digital India is something that can be achieved only when technology does a hand shake not only with rich people, but also with the lower and middle class people. Today almost 50% of the people in India don’t have access to internet. And most of them don’t even have the skills required to work on it. There is no doubt that skill development is the one big target for the Digital India campaign, but we also need to work towards other aspects as well. For example using the technology for the economic growth and development.

Making funds available for research and development can help our country grow. There is no/not much scope for people who are willing to take research as a career option. It’s essential that we build this domain as a career option, for people to generate better and innovative ideas.

What we, as a country, lack is the awareness and knowledge of how the digitalized things work. We need to empower school, colleges and students with a subject of latest digital knowledge as a no credit course, wherein the only aim will be to make them conscious of what all activities they can do with the knowledge of digital methods. Awareness and information about the latest technical advancements and their future growth and development as a consumer product is also very important. India is far behind other countries in technology by a time period of more than 2 years and this gap needs to be filled by us as soon as possible.

There are many ways such as “setting up industries so that the gadgets that we operate on, can actually be made in India.” This will help in making India independent. Cheap electronic items like computers, laptops, and tablets will help India grow in digital way.

Another is E-governance. It is of great value to our system, as it provides an open and transparent government window to all the Indian citizens. But the actual need is to provide the access of these portals to the people of lower middle class and middle class as they constitute the majority of population in India.

Free courses and lessons should be made available for the graduates in the field of research, can help India to grow and stand out as a powerful economy in the world.

India also needs a fabrication lab to be established for enabling more digital power to flow and generating better products and gadgets within India.

Innovation and creativity are the backbone of the idea of Digital India. No doubt India has lots of potential talent and innovative people but what is stopping them from taking it from innovation to a full fleshed product is the lack of guidance and funding. Proper guidance and funding can help people come forward with new creative thoughts and ideas.

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