3 upcoming trends in paid search


Recently, we’ve seen some fairly significant changes on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Right-rail ads have disappeared, and on mobile, we’re seeing more prominent placement of Google Shopping ad units. In this article, I’ll cover some upcoming trends in paid search and speculate on where the trends will lead. Though I refer mostly to Google,

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Using In-game Ads to Reach your Audience


The growth of mobile offers marketers the ability to reach consumers at all times. Whether it’s a family using their tablet together in the evenings, or a commuter using their mobile when travelling into work, there are now multiple touch points for brands to reach consumers with targeted advertising. Recent research from Quantcast has found

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Samsung’s New Dongle Connects Your Car To The Internet


Samsung, the brand trusted by many, has finally step its first foot in the connected car accessories market. The technology major recently unveiled its Connect Auto dongle at the MWC held on 21st February. The dongle will allow users to connect their cars to the internet and transform their once boring and regular cars into

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Delhi Based ZoFind Lists Neighbourhood That You Can’t Find On Google Maps


Still trying to figure out the location of the eatery that your old school classmate/office colleague checked-in months ago? There’s no trace of the cute, little Pizzeria on Google maps or on google, further, you and that person are no longer on talking terms. Ughh! The irritation. Enter Zofind. A Delhi based startup, Zofind promises

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This Is How Social Media Is Going To Amaze You Beyond Imagination!


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Test & validate your HTML5 display ads with new IAB tool


With HTML 5 finally supplanting Flash as the creative format of choice for online display ads, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has released a new tool to help designers confirm that the ads meet the technical specs for fast-loading, lightweight ads. The HTML 5 Ad Validator helps analyze the contents of HTML 5 ads against the IAB’s Display

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IBM partners Reliance Communications to provide cloud services


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India’s Mobile Wallet Market To Cross $11 Billion By 2022


India has emerged as one of the fastest growing mobile wallet markets in the Asia Pacific region. In financial year 2014-15 alone, m-wallet transactions registered a swashbuckling growth of more than 130% as compared to previous year. According to 6Wresearch, India’s Mobile Wallet Market is projected to reach $11.5 billion by 2022. In the forecast

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Indian start-ups counting on rural reach to boost e-commerce


Indian entrepreneurs must do a better job reaching small towns and villages at home before setting their sights on international expansion, speakers on a panel at Bloombergs India Economic Forum said. We haven’t even scratched the surface yet in India, said Radhika Aggarwal, co-founder and chief business officer of online retail platform Shopclues, citing a

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