How to avoid co-founder disputes in a startup

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Before writing this article, I spoke with three lawyers who specialize in consulting startups. All of them had a common observation — the majority of co-founders that they meet do not sign legal agreements between them at the time of starting their venture. Co-founders either feel that they have been friends for long enough to

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Cable TV Digitization – In Step with Digital India

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When MS Dhoni hit the six to seal India’s World Cup win at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium in 2011, it was watched not just by the 42,000+ spectators present in the stadium, but also by a whopping 135 million TV homes across the country in the comfort of their homes. Most of them watched it on

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Why entrepreneurs fail? (even when they have good ideas)

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If I could get a dollar for every idea then there would be no need for me to be an entrepreneur. The point is, an idea in itself has no monetary value. The money becomes real when you perfectly execute it. This requires skill, hard work, patience, networking, leadership and a lot of other things

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Videos Are Effective Way of Communication in Digital Era

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With the digital age in its full bloom, the world has become smaller than it ever was. There are multiple innovative ways of communication that are faster, cheaper and much more intimate. A message can be spread across to a billion plus people in the blink of an eye and you can get a feedback

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Amazon Quietly Launches Its Own Social Media Influencer Program into Beta

Amazon, the US e-commerce and cloud computing giant is said to hire 1,000 people in Poland. The company already hires almost 5,000 people in Poland and has service centers in Gdansk, Wroclaw and Poznan ON 14 April 2016. (Photo by Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Social media influencers like famous YouTube celebs or Instagram stars are often found promoting products they like, either as part of a brand relationship or as means of generating income through affiliate sales. Now, Amazon is seeking in to get in this action of social media as well. The company has quietly launched the “Amazon

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Is India ready to be the AI Capital ?

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In a country of 1.32 billion people where 48.26 million are unemployed , any kind of automation till recently , was unwelcome .With the government , taking a strong stance on digital technologies , a floodgate of investments seem to have opened up.  AI is the latest muse for investors , large corporates and fintechs

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How Stories Search makes Snapchat a real-time YouTube


Snapchat is shifting from a social network limited to content shared by people you follow to an ephemeral, real-time database of whats going on now everywhere. Today Snapchat launched Search for Stories submitted to its public Our Stories. It makes Snapchat as deep as whatever the world is sharing, creating near-infinite rabbit holes to go

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Google launches Marketing Mix Model Partners program for comparing channel performance


Google has launched a partner program for marketing mix modeling vendors to integrate Google data into their solutions. Launch partners include Marketing Management Analytics, Neustar MarketShare and Nielsen. Partners gain access to Google display, search and video campaign data in a standardized format. The data can then help advertisers compare Google campaign spend and performance to other channels, such

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Snapchat makes it possible to search for Stories by keywords


The change should make it easier for people to discover more content on Snapchat, perhaps leading to more time spent in the app. Want to find Stories about particular places or topics being shared on Snapchat? The company has announced a new search feature that it says will make this possible. In a post today,

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Here’s all the new stuff in Apple’s latest security document


Hey guess what? Apple has a new security whitepaper! Apple only releases these things once every few years, and they represent the public’s only window into how iPhones and other Apple products secure the massive amounts of data entrusted to them. Even though Apple hasn’t released a security whitepaper since September 2015 (or since iOS

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