Snapchat makes it possible to search for Stories by keywords


The change should make it easier for people to discover more content on Snapchat, perhaps leading to more time spent in the app. Want to find Stories about particular places or topics being shared on Snapchat? The company has announced a new search feature that it says will make this possible. In a post today,

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Here’s all the new stuff in Apple’s latest security document


Hey guess what? Apple has a new security whitepaper! Apple only releases these things once every few years, and they represent the public’s only window into how iPhones and other Apple products secure the massive amounts of data entrusted to them. Even though Apple hasn’t released a security whitepaper since September 2015 (or since iOS

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Bad digital experiences can cost brands dearly


Is it the quality of the product or having a positive customer experience that creates brand loyalty? For 76% of customers, how they are treated by brands is as important as what is actually being sold, according to a study commissioned by Lithium Technologies. The survey of 1,000 adults found that creating this kind of

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Facebook brings more Snapchat functionality into its mobile app


Facebook has come out with a variety of features to enhance videos and pictures that continue to blur the lines between it and Snapchat. Effects galore This week, iOS and Android Facebook users will be able to tap on the camera icon on the Facebook app to try the new in-app camera. In an Instagram/Snapchat/Google

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Three mobile trends to watch in 2017


This year’s Mobile World Congress was arguably less packed with announcements than previous years – but this doesn’t mean mobile is losing its crown in the eyes of marketers. According to the IAB’s digital ad spend report, mobile display grew 56% in H1 2016 and now accounts for over half of digital display advertising, and

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Digital publishers optimistic for the next year

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Board member confidence on financial prospects improved in Q4 2016, according to research by Association of Online Publishing (AOP) and Deloitte. Growth forecasts increased for the 12 months from December 2016, accompanied by a 28% rise in sponsorship revenue. Publishers have shifted their focus away from cost reduction initiatives towards growing revenue through non-advertising services.

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Top 5 SMS security tips for protecting your customer data during mobile marketing

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There are many reasons why your business should consider implementing SMS marketing into your overall marketing strategy: It’s budget-friendly – you can send messages from 1.9p per message It hits the mark – over 97% of text messages are read within the first four minutes It gets your customers to act – 19% of people

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Scaling your startup: focus on brand, not just technology


Product launch and team formation are just the early part of the startup journey – the real hard slog comes with scaling up, building a strong technology foundation, and creating a powerful competitive brand. YourStory launched a series of meetups in Pune and Mumbai, along with the Brand Launch Centre, on the important role of

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The 14 top rated digital marketing techniques for 2017


        The Top 14 marketing techniques in 2017 Let’s now drill down into the key tactics and marketing technology within each of these tactics which will be important in 2017. 1. Content marketing trends Content marketing has been in the top 3 for the last 3 years we have run this post,

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Global investors keener now to invest in Indian real estate


International investors are keen to invest in Indian real estate now more than ever before due to the enhanced liquidity and transparency it offers, a top global real estate expert said. “The outside view is more positive than the inside view on what I hear from Indian entrepreneurs, who are much more critical about the

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